best price flight

How to find best price flight?

There are a few important keys how to find cheap airline flights.
Most important is that you try to book as early as possible. In most cases there is a huge price difference between a flight ticket price 10 days before takeoff and the same flight ticket price 40 days before takeoff.

Also very important is, on which day you are planning to fly. Is it over the weekend or during the first days of the week. Check and play with different dates on your favorite flight search website and see how different days affect your ticket price.

Here are couple very important points to find the cheapest flights:

  • Be flexible with your flight dates
  • Fly to Secondary Airports with Budget Carriers
  • Try alternative routes
  • Try different search engines
  • Try to use advantages of different options (student, elder, etc.)
  • Be a member of flight programs
  • Join airlines’ email lists
  • book early

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